CUHacking is the first Major League Hacking membered hackathon in Ottawa, and expected to be the largest hackathon in Ottawa. CUHacking will bring students across several cities, and a wide range of disciplines and skillsets together to learn something new by working on creative software or hardware projects.


  • All university and college students are eligible.
  • Team sizes can be between 1-4 members.
  • All participating members must physcially be at CUHacking.


  • Hackers can create anything they'd like
  • You must include a description and images of your hack in your submission
  • Submit any code or prototypes for judges to review
  • If you choose to go for challenges, you must apply to each challenge you are going for

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$4,930 in prizes

Top 3 Winners (3)

Best Domain Name from

MLH will be awarding swag bags to each member of the team with the best domain name from

Amazon Web Services - Best Use of AWS

MLH will be awarding Amazon gift cards to each member of the team that makes the best use of AWS.


Use your tech skills for good and hack online harassment! Build a software solution that can help reduce the frequency and/or severity of online harassment. Members of the winning team receive Hack Harassment Battery Packs!

Indico API (2)

Indico will be awarding the following prizes to the top 3 teams that make the best use of Indico's machine learning API:
1st place - $1,000 in indico api credit to each member of winning team
2nd place - $500 in indico api credit to each member of winning team
3rd place - $250 in indico api credit to each member of winning team

The Coolest Visualization of a Simulated Home Network (2)

Martello Technologies will be awarding prizes to the top two winners of their challenge:
Create a web application that continuously collects and visualizes all of the devices connected on the home network. To help simplify the challenge, all of the raw data collected will be provided to you. Consider what a useful dashboard might look like with the given data. Create at least one visualization that draws a representation of the home network. More details of the challenge will be on the CUHacking website.

.Tech Domain

.Tech Domain will be awarding Amazon vouchers to each member of the team with the best website/hack submitted on a .tech domain.

Global Cybersecurity Resource

Using a Content Management System (Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla) and HTML/CSS/PHP, the objective is to implement a simple resume processing system. Detailed instructions of the challenge will be on the CUHacking website. Winners will receive interviews for either part-time or potentially full-time jobs at the Global Cybersecurity Resource program.

RL Solutions

How might we encourage patients to maintain diet and nutrition plans given by their healthcare provider? Prizes will include TRNDlabs SKEYE Mini Drones with HD camera for each member of the winning team.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Doug Bellinger

Doug Bellinger
VP of R&D - Martello Technologies

Steven Dwyer

Steven Dwyer
Software Architect - Martello Technologies

Thomas Kunz

Thomas Kunz
Professor - Carleton University Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Eric Karmouch

Eric Karmouch
IEEE Ottawa Computer Society Chair

Nima Zaker

Nima Zaker
Software Engineer - March Networks

Daniel Morin

Daniel Morin
Software Engineer - March Networks

Wolfram Lunscher

Wolfram Lunscher
IEEE Ottawa Conferences Chair

Diana Yuan

Diana Yuan
Chief Operations Officer & Co-Founder - Indico

Daniel Craigen

Daniel Craigen
Global Cybersecurity Resource

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    How innovative or unique is the project?
  • Usefulness
    Does the project solve a problem? Does it benefit society in any way?
  • Technical Complexity
    How complex is the project? Were external APIs or libraries used? Were the algorithms designed by the team members themselves? Does it incorporate multiple concepts and tools?
  • Polish
    Does the project work as intended? How bug-free is it?

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